Stroll Health

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Project Details

Redesign a Patient Portal

Stroll Health is the Yelp for comparing imaging facilities and prices. Customers found the portal difficult to navigate and to understand the value proposition. Our goal was to do a full redesign that fosters trust and clarifies what it does. 


I co-led a user experience team of 3 designers. We led research, interviews and agile prototyping (creating states and interactions). 




Since Stroll Health is not delivering the final outcome, people didn't understand well why they need to give their insurance information. 


The Opportunity: Booking


Our next question was: How can Stroll Health have an ongoing relationship with people to build trust? We identified an opportunity through scheduling appointments but discovered people have different preferences.


GROUP 1 (AGE 40+)

Talking to a person means more than just getting a number from a website

GROUP 2 (AGE 20 - 39)

I don’t see why I need to create a profile

Defining Booking

The Dilemma


If we give people the option to call the facility directly, they might not engage with Stroll Health after the search. But if we don't we are forcing them into booking online (a dark pattern). 

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Feedback and Iteration


Next, we turned to guerrilla usability testing to learn from:

  • Patients booking with insurance
  • Patients booking without insurance
  • Patients only browsing

For those people who were open to booking online, they expected booking to work similar to a consumer product with suggested dates. (snippet of a usability session below)


The End is Just the Beginning


This redesign allowed existing customers to have access to a better search experience and for Stroll Health to renew their trust. Stroll Health is available in San Francisco and will be coming soon to Washington D.C. in 2017.