How To Create A Reading Date This Summer

Ever found yourself taking too much time reading through a book? Then consider making a reading date. For months, I’ve been reading from the comfort of my cozy bed/couch. However sometimes this has been a choppy experience even before going to bed. I get distracted by the notifications on my phone or sometimes my attention shifts to something I forgot to do in the kitchen. The chapter I planned to read suddenly becomes only a few pages. Recently, I decided to make two simple changes to address distractions and make this a pleasant adventure.

Make a Sanctuary

When you go exercise, you don’t do it from the comfort of your bed. You get dressed and go to the gym. Your bedroom is meant for rest! Like exercising, give reading a special place, especially this summer. At home it’s easy to get distracted by almost anything. You don’t have to go far away. The park around the corner can be a sanctuary for your next reading adventure. You’ll be craving to go to this special place often.

Go Off the Radar

The joy of reading is not about getting through the pages, it’s really about savoring a good story. To do this you need focus. Turn off that phone! I was the victim of credit fraud but the bank was able to still reach me even after first attempts. The world can wait for you. When you focus on reading only for a few minutes(or hours) you give yourself the chance to actually appreciate the characters’ dialogue and let your imagination wonder. Your reading pace might also improved—mine has a lot now.

Off you go!

July Reading Adventures

Go Set a Watchman — I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would. Some parts were slow between present and past events. It was still worth to wait for the Atticus/Scout debate at the end. It was punchy and very philosophical!

How to be the Parisian Wherever You Are : Love, Style and Bad Habits — Love it! After seeing this book often at Anthropologie I couldn’t resist it. I finished this book in one sitting! I love that the authors give practical steps that ask women to be as “natural” and “simple” as possible.

Inspiralized — Yum! I’m still amazed by the noodles you can make out of vegetables. They’re more healthy and savory than the regular stuff. Try it out! I’m trying to make a recipe from this book every week!

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People — (still reading) I only got through a couple of chapters that a mentor suggested I read. The most insightful has been seek to understand first and then to be understood. I highly recommend this if you’re trying to improve communication or interpersonal skills for your professional career or personal relationships.