Why Go to a Creative Retreat? Or The Journey to Nourish Wonder

A few months ago, I fell in love with the Instagram account pugsnkisses84, which showcases the adventures of baby Louie and his pugs in Scotland. I’m not having babies or owning a dog yet but there is something magical I find everyday aside from the laughs and giggles. Watching a baby grow up, learn how to crawl, play with baby pugs or try glasses for the first time helped me rediscover wonder. Wonder is the fuel for creativity.

As a creative these past few years, I bumped into many processes, and even created some of them, that I’ve slowly lost wonder — that drive to be curious and not think about fear when I’m in “the mess.” Luckily this is not a lost cause! We are familiar with wonder because we all wondered as children. Also, if we can observe babies like Louie, we can learn how to nourish wonder again. Imagine the amazing things the mind can create — an inspiring story, a new building or maybe a housing solution for SF.

The road to wonder, of course, will not be easy. We have to undo some habits. It may require some experimentation and playing. We can’t do it alone either, we need the help of others to spark the conversations and questions. Maybe we can do it over a quiet evening or a weekend, though there are still interruptions.

At Darling Magazine’s Creative retreat, I want to embrace experimentation with painting(one medium I haven’t revisited since high school) and writing. They appear to be simple but they are challenging especially if you’re trying to channel emotions to connect with people. To live a life of wonder is an adventure that will take time, and above all, patience. I’m honored to lay the foundation with the Darling community this week.

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