The Affair

It was love at first sight. From the moment my friend Magda introduced us four years ago, I knew you were THE ONE. You are the first to show me creativity, passion and commitment — what more can a woman ask for!

You inspired me to focus on simplicity.

You excited me to invest on kitchen tools.

You enriched my life with a great selection of books.

You relaxed me with scented candles.

For many years I went on many dates from one department store to the next — no one really understood my style or cared to listen until you came along. They just wanted my credit card.

From the first time I walked through your doors and even today, I always find myself in a magical space. One of your lovers said it best at the checkout line, “I’m so happy here…this just feels like home!”

I’ve been wondering for years what spell you put me (and all those lovers too) under.

A month ago, you finally let me in!

As a Sales Associate in the Palo Alto store, I lived and breathed the values that make you so special, Anthropologie.

Creating an Unparalleled Visual Presentation

My love for you has taken me to different locations from coast to coast. Though each store has a unique architecture, fixtures and setup, the ambiance of discovery is still intact. I never get bore spending time with you. The design transports me to another world where I can touch, play and imagine many possibilities. You don’t show me a rack of tops and dresses. Instead you help me dream how these tops and dresses come to life in an environment from a winter wonderland to an oasis.

When I had the opportunity to learn about what goes into this, I finally understood that details matter a lot. You spent a lot of time curating pieces and moving them around from one place to another (though it drove me nuts when I had to process and find the clothes on the floor! Btw…I proposed to a manager to invest in developing a tracking system for the clothes). You also spent a lot of time lining up each piece so it has the perfect fold, the perfect hanger space and the proper sizing. It sounds insignificant but each detail adds to that whole. No wonder why you’re so perfect!

Developing Relationships Not Transactions

Every interaction I have with you feels effortless. You listen attentively, look at me in the eye and care to every need. It’s never been about what you can get from this relationship. Anytime I’m with you, you always offer genuine help.

Someone asked a Manager, “How come we don’t get commission here?”

The Manager replied, “We are a team, we are all helping the customer.”

Many interactions without any effort are just mindless dates. But many interactions with care (and love) can be the beginning of a beautiful relationship (Btw, we know the customer name at the end because we all communicate via the walkie talkie.)

Though our time living together under the same roof was short, I’m glad I had the opportunity to see the world from your perspective. Let’s continue this love affair even when your fan base explodes to billions.

It was a humbling experience to work in retail this season and to meet wonderful people who mentored me in the Fitting Room, at the Cash Register and even as a Greeter.