Your Reading Adventure is Not on a List

’Tis the season to start making that list for next year: the reading list. Unfortunately sometimes this doesn’t turn out well. After a few weeks early this year, my reading list became daunting and another chore I avoided.

In 2015, I let my experiences, relationships and friendships guide my spontaneous reading adventures. Some book recommendations came from hanging around too many explorers. Health challenges inspired me to finally pick up cooking books. Hooray, I found the joy in reading again! Instead of viewing reading as another resume bragging activity or sticking with a book I didn’t even enjoy, via this alternative I started to appreciate the experience and saved space on the bookshelf for more treasures.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to brag about the list of 100-something books I’ve read this year. Is that even possible? Our experiences and tastes may be different but this is a flavor of what you may discover if you listen closely to your friends/experiences in 2016 instead of just bonding yourself to a list.

Taking Epic Adventures to the Real World

Perhaps the chance of getting stranded on Mars or fighting a dragon on planet Earth is slim for me but immersing in these out-of-this-world adventures through these books inspired me to start exploring places from Delani to the Rocky Mountains.

The Hobbit

The Martian

To the Top of Delani: Climbing Adventures on North America’s Highest Peak

Connecting Body with Choices

Several times this year I was struck with too many sicknesses. I even thought for a moment I’ve been cursed by a witch! I turned to these books to help me figure out how my body works and how to start making choices that make me feel great inside and out. My mom was blown away by my cooking — she lost hope I would ever learn to cook when I was college.

Our Body Book

Forest Feast


Discovering Elegance Within

In the midst of personal struggles, I’ve been questioning my own beauty and strength. To my delight this year, I found support from writers and communities who are discussing what it means to be a woman today beyond just beauty and looks.

Love x Style x Life

How to be Parisian Wherever You Are: Love, Style and Bad Habits

Darling Magazine


If any of these themes resonate then go ahead and knock yourself out with these recommendations but for the rest of the year remember to discover your own. Life is unpredictable so let’s not plan everything.