The Difficult Person

Have you met the difficult person? The one who makes your life hell, keeps complaining, refuses to collaborate with you…the list goes on. How do you avoid or get rid of him/her?

Unfortunately you can’t. Unless you have a pact with an alien who can help you abduct the person. The difficult person exists everywhere you go becuase he or she is a human being and has the same right to be on planet Earth just like you. A Compassion Cultivation Training recently shed some light about how to confront, actually embrace, the difficult person with kindness instead of hostility.

Starting Point

The first mistake we make is to treat the difficult person as an enemy and thus the situation becomes a confrontation of “me vs. you.” We forget to recognize that “me and you” are part of the same experience and we have some commonality: the difficulty.


We jump into assumptions and judgement right away, igniting more in our hearts and minds the confrontation. This is the perfect opportunity to simply understand by asking a gazillion of questions like a child and in the process get to know or befriend another human being.

Discover the Internal Seeds of Suffering

The difficult person may not be so difficult, the difficult person might even be us. We all suffer at least from one of these: confusion, pride, prejudice, addiction, biased, among others. Even when we have been on Earth for so long, we are not completely perfect. Embracing the difficult person with kindness at least allow us to understand ourselves to continue improving.