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Facilitate Registration

Gyms and fitness instructors juggle a lot activities at check-in. Vint keeps them organized and ahead of schedule. Staff and gym owners use the SaaS platform to keep track of their clients and organize their schedules. Customers wanted additional functionalities in the admin panel to facilitate gym management. Our goal was to enhance:

  • Member profiling and registration
  • Class and Event creation 


I worked in a team with 2 designers and 1 project manager. I was responsible for creating the UX and UI, iterating and prototyping the membership experience (mobile & web).


We had to keep the current visual style to keep the branding consistent. We also had to work within the existing dashboard and navigation structure. 




Our design recommendations helped staff members complete check-in more quickly.

“Vint was pretty easy.  The pictures seem easy.  I’ve used Mindbody here and at Equinox, too. I like the prettiness [of Vint].  It makes me feel positive.”  - Yoga Instructor at Orange Theory

1. Check-In & Drop-In


Every minute is valuable for staff. The more time they spend checking in people and registering new clients, the less time they have to chat with members and prospective clients. We debated various options for where Check In and Drop In can have the greatest visibility in the admin panel. 


The Check In and Drop In features went through several refinements. I started with a general quick registration so staff are not overwhelmed by too many details. 

But this solution did not work well because staff encountered prospective clients who did not want to set up an account and past members who just wanted to join a class. Also staff has to switch between one task to another really quickly (see job stories below).

In this solution, staff encountered prospective clients who did not want to set up an account and past members who just wanted to join a class. Also staff needs to be able to switch between one task to another really quickly (see job stories below).

Job Story 1 - Check In

When a member comes in, I want to be able to check him in so I can get them into class right away. 

Job Story 2 -  Drop In

When a potential new client walks in, I want to add them to a follow up list for sales so sales can convert them to a member. 

In the next iterations, I focused on clarifying the different options that allow staff to help different types of people right away.  


2. Filters


Another big challenge was making filters explicit so staff can quickly find members. 


I started by considering a search bar that immediately would lead to the members' profiles. Though this solution did not overwhelmed staff with too many details, it required several steps. 


In the next round, I considered presenting a list with a filter to make it more convenient for staff to access different types of members. But filters posed another challenge, how many will be enough for a search. Small gyms probably need only a few, while an Equinox type of gym requires more since they will have to sort through hundreds of contacts. 


Instead of thinking about the number of categories, I focused on generic categories applicable to all types of gyms: membership type, status and class type. 


3. Registration


The last component of the membership experience was registration. I worked to create a simple form staff can quickly scan through and complete within a couple of minutes. 


We debated whether to name the steps or not. Once I layout both options, I took titles out at each step. I also continued improving the form visually to make it more succinct so staff will not loose her focus when chatting with a client while filling out the form. 


Learning: Address Feedback Quickly


Though I only focused on membership in the design, I worked together with my other teammates especially after the design critique to test our assumptions. After presenting our designs to both the UI and UX team, we met up and tackled questions right away instead of putting away the feedback cards. This approach really helped me stay accountable and gave me a deadline to understand what we resolved during design critique and what was still pending. 



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