Project Details

Making a Digital Learning Experience 

Toastmasters helps more than half a million people throughout the world improve their communication and leadership skills through a worldwide network of clubs and programs. Members use manuals (36) and feedback forms to learn a skill. However, this setup has created a big disconnect for members between their learning and progress. The goal of this project was to reinvent the delivery of the program so members achieve their goals and stay more engage with program.


I created the mobile experience that supports a new digital educational experience. I also managed the transformation of content to video tutorials.


Laying the Groundwork

Before changing the Toastmasters’ education components, I identified pieces of the program that work for people and the ones that don’t work well anymore. One common surface level problem was the lack of a digital copy members can access anytime.


However, members also write feedback to other members on the manuals. When manuals are lost, so is the feedback. The root challenge turned out to be that members don’t have a central hub to see and review the manual’s content and reference their progress.


User Interviews


Toastmasters is a diverse community that has members from different backgrounds. I focused on understanding how these different individuals interact with the existing manuals in 3 types of clubs (small = 10 members, medium = 20 members, large = 30+ members). I discovered that members don't engage with the program well after a few roles. These insights opened up new opportunities for finding other content alternatives like video. 


Select Comps


When members are learning about a speech project, instead of reading pages of content, they can access a short video. The succinct content allows members to spend more time brainstorming their speech.


Helping Members Stay Accountable


Members Track Progress Through Evaluations


More Coming Soon!



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