Stroll Health


I co-led the user experience of a patient portal to help people save money on expensive exams (design recognized at the Health 2.0 Conference).


Project Details

Redesign a Patient Portal

Stroll Health is the Yelp for comparing facilities and prices for x-rays. The patient portal had an outdated design that was difficult to navigate. Our team revamped the patient portal to improve the search for facilities and added a booking feature to give more value to customers. 


I co-led a UX team of 3 designers. Our team led 3 rounds of user research interviews, and also created the low fidelity wireframes and prototypes for testing. During the validation phase we  worked together with the UI team to prioritize and implement user feedback. 




The first version of Stroll Health was not visually appealing and the value proposition to the consumer was unclear. We worked on first understanding the current information architecture to simplify the end to end experience and foster trust (people need to input their insurance information for accurate pricing). 


Booking Preference


When validating Stroll Health's customers, we confirmed people found value from the information and reviews on facilities. However, they were hesitant to create an account and provide their insurance information since Stroll Health was not their main provider or was not affiliated to their doctor.

From our research, we identified two groups with different booking preferences, which created an opportunity to foster trust. The older group had a preference for booking by phone while a younger group had a preference for booking online. As we brainstormed how to add value and foster trust, we kept in mind these differences. 



In order to give more value to customers beyond prices, we explored a booking feature. This feature was not available in the old set up. Using the job stories framework, we focused on exploring the different situations patients may find themselves in, the motivations driving behaviors under those scenarios and the outcomes they would expect to see in the patient portal. Job stories also helped us see how booking fit into the overall experience (highlighted elements in the task flow below). 


Task Flow Related to Booking Only

task flow.png

Detailed UI Flow for Booking


When transitioning from the task flow to the UI flow for mobile we discovered we had to reconsider how to present alternatives to patients between booking and calling the facility.


Implementing Feedback & Rapid Iteration


While we were still in low fidelity mode, we created 3 prototypes to test 3 scenarios for booking:

  • Patient booking with insurance
  • Patient booking without insurance
  • Patient only browsing

We recorded usability testing to understand the differences between what people were saying versus what they were doing (snippet below) 


Phone Number: CTA or Reference


Usability testing helped us uncover the challenges of designing CTAs for two audiences. The hierarchy we presented did not prioritize either. We reviewed the design principles that centered around fostering trust through transparency and simplicity to address this roadblock. Our final solution reflects clear options. Before booking the patient has the basic information on the facility to make the choice to call or not. 


Simplifying Calendar


Our team also created a comprehension test to ensure the visuals supported patients during a difficult period. X-rays or MRIs are ordered for people who may have cancer or a serious illness. We aimed to give patients a soothing experience by removing any friction when booking an appointment. Findings from the high fidelity prototype revealed availability in the calendar was difficult to understand and the background distracted people. We synthesized this feedback to help the UI team arrive at a cleaner version that helped both a young and older crowd book with confidence and complete the process. 

Artboard 2.png

Making Health Care Less Expensive


The new redesign of Stroll Health will help bridge the big disconnect patients face from the time a doctor orders medical exams to the time they see their bills. Price transparency empowers people to make choices where to go take their exams. Stroll Health is currently available in  San Francisco and will soon be partnering with facilities in Washington D.C..


Booking an appointment with or without insurance


 Tracking appointments


Learning: Fostering Creatives


I discovered co-leading creatives is like teaching. We worked to set expectations with the team and also with ourselves very often to stay in sync during brainstorming and feedback sessions. I practiced listening more to give creative ownership to the team. I noticed it's quite a craft to inspire creatives when we hit roadblocks. Since my co-lead and I shared the responsibility, we traded facilitating to keep the energy up and help the team move forward. 



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