Welcome to my collection of people and ideas that inspire me to create great design. 


This American Life Podcast

Features authentic narratives that are both funny and sad, personal and epic at the same time. These narratives help me empathize with people from all walks of life.


Heroine Podcast with Maria Molfino

Features intimate conversations with creative women leaders and risk-takers. These episodes inspired me to rethink how I design morning rituals and carve a unique path to nurture my creative energy: Designing Rituals, Transition & Learning, Grit & Generativity and Meaning over Happiness


Design for Dasein

Provides a thought-provoking argument on why we need better frameworks to design for "being-in-the world. " I'm curious a lot more about how the world reveals to us through our encounters with it so I can create authentic experiences for the people I'm designing for.