Day Worker Center


Project Details

Web Redesign and Dashboard

A Day Worker Center (DWC) connects workers from the community to employers in a safe environment while helping these workers improve their skills and combat wage theft (30 centers across the US). The DWC in Mountain View supports more than 250 workers.

This project had 3 phases: rebranding the DWC to educate the city on why they should support local low - wage workers, rearchitecting the main website's navigation for 4 types of audiences and creating a backend dashboard to track service requests.

Role & Constraints

I was the lead designer working with a developer and volunteers. We had to thoroughly consider the sensitivity of privacy. Some of the workers are undocumented and feared "tracking." 


The Laborer Community


The big focus of this project centered on understanding the impact laborers have in the community and their well - being. Prior to this project, centers track jobs and progress via spreadsheets. When it's time to fundraise or advocate for laborers, this method doesn't scale or help volunteers/advocacy groups inform the skills taught. 


Fair Opportunities


There are more workers than jobs. The centers address this challenge by doing a lottery. However, that means some workers may not get a chance to work for one or many days in a row. The new dashboard will improve this process by tracking service requests from the city and pairing it with the right worker. If workers invest in their education, the system will suggest them for projects aligned to their skills ahead of time. 



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