Stroll Health 

Empowering people to make better health care decisions by providing price transparency for complex procedures

Product Design

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Helping people become aware of their posture to prevent injuries and back pain

Product Design

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Improving internal tools to help analysts at the Department of Defense detect threats more quickly and collaborate better

Design Sprint

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Graphic Design

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Migrating training content and redesigning new platform to help 1000+ Partner companies discover Cisco products

UX & Content Strategy

Working Together

As a technical advisor, I oversaw Rocio’s work together with a group of developers when they migrated a training platform inside Cisco. She was proactive to seek feedback from me before meeting the developers to narrow down the specs and communicate effectively with them. These conversations were challenging since the developers were also supporting other projects. But Rocio helped the team prioritize features to release on time and make the most of the investment. Rocio takes the initiative to seek feedback and she would be a great addition to any development team that wants to excel beyond the status quo.
— Shakeela Yazadi, Technical Lead @ Cisco
Rocio has a talent for taking any abstract concept and translating it visually — a fantastic skill to have in a designer. I chose Rocio to be one of the lead designers in a week-long design sprint through Hacking For Defense. Our task was to improve the way government analysts visualize data to predict national security threats before they happen. Needless to say, the conversations with the government stakeholders were loaded with jargon and acronyms. Thankfully we had Rocio to translate our complex verbal conversations into simplified sketches on post-it notes. Her illustrations gave us new perspectives on the problem we were trying to solve and allowed us to go further in the analysis than we otherwise would have.
— Drew Gotham, Principle @ BMNT

Design Notes